Frequently Asked Questions
+ What makes My PV Vacation Rentals unique?

Granted, there are many different vacation rental property managers, so understandably you may be questioning what is distinctive about our company. The answer is we are owners too! We care about our property and guest as well, we highlight what we do best: Generate abounding vacation rentals for yourproperty (both in quantity and quality). Repeatedly, many owners remark that they never even had bookings in the off‐season before switching to us. Multiple owners have more than doubled their previous year’s rental revenue after joining our network. (At your request, we are happy to share both owner testimonials and actual rental results to this effect.) 

+ What services does My PV Rentals provide?

As a full‐service vacation rental management company, we handle the following property management functions:

  • Inquiry responses, reservations, cancellations and disputes 
  • Guest management and relations
  • Cleaning 
  • Property initial evaluation & suggestions
  • Property photography, marketing and advertising
  • Preparation and enforcement of Rental Terms & Conditions
  • Arranging maintenance and repairs at owner’s request
  • Owner statements
+How do I list my vacation property with My PV Rentals?

My PV is exclusive vacation rental property manager.

  • Contact us (call at 323 345 4632 or email us at ).
  • We will arrange to inspect, photograph and setup property with keys, LockBox installation etc.
  • We will do an initial evaluation of your property and make suggestions to help improve rentability of your unit.
  • We are happy at your direction to help arrange and oversee any improvements.
  • We will block‐out your time in your unit and any existing reservations.

With My PV there is NO lock in to a contract. We can have your property photographed & on our website within 48 hours. Like Ben Franklin said, “Time is money.”
Join our network TODAY and begin maximizing your vacation rental revenue!

+Where is My PV Rentals office?

To offer a better service we have our office in the heart of the romantic zone located in Plaza Rivera Molino at Ignacio L. Vallarta street 130 local 5, Emiliano Zapata Zip: 48380, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico.

+When and what do I pay for your service?

Commissions are taken out of your rental revenue. Our goal is to never have you pay us any money. There is never any money due to us to get started. Small maintenance items are also taken out of your revenue.

+When do I receive my rental revenue?

Each time we receive a payment from your guest (both their down‐payment and payment in full) we copy you on the confirmation. Rental payments are due 30 days prior to guest arrival On reservations exceeding 4 weeks, the 4 weeks’ rent amount is due a full 60 days prior to their arrival date with the remaining balance due upon arrival. The payments will appear on your Owner’s Statement after a guest’s scheduled arrival date. We will email you a statement oncethey are processed. Electronic Fund Transfers should show up in your account about 3 days after you receive the Owner’s Statement. Please notify us if you have any more questions.

+What are my responsibilities as a vacation rental property owner?

All Properties in the My PV network must be maintained in a rentable condition with everything in working order. By virtue of being a vacation rental there will be some wear and tear on your property, and you can expect to periodically have to replace and replenish items such as linens. Our experience has shown that the additional revenue generated through the increase in occupants more than pays for replacing beach towels or a set of sheets (in fact, it could pay for renovating your property’s kitchen). Furthermore, properties which are frequently used are typically in better condition since they are continually being cleaned and evaluated. Little problems are handled before they become big problems. Here is asummary of the Puerto Vallarta Property Rental requirements:

  • Keep the unit clean, safe, and in good physical condition.
  • If you provide bedding and linens, they must be clean, unworn and properly stored. Mattress pads,  bed sheets and blankets must be appropriately sized to the mattress or bed so that the entire  sleeping area of the mattress is covered.  Sheets and pillowcases must be in good condition,  cleaned and changed between each guest or once a week, whichever comes first.  Bedding items,  such as mattresses, comforters and pillows must be thoroughly aired, disinfected and kept clean.  If you provide soap, it must be available either in individually wrapped bars or as liquid soap in a  dispenser.
  • Baby cribs provided to guests must meet safety standards established by the Consumer Products  Safety Commission.
  • Dishes and glassware must be sanitize between guests. Otherwise, a notice must be posted informing  guests that the dishes and glassware are not sanitized.
  • Keep the establishment free of vermin.
  • Install smoke detectors in guest areas.
  • The electrical system must be proper and safe. Do not use extension cords.
+How does My PV decide on the rental rates for my property?

Our experience has proven that property price point is the key to securing reservations. With this in mind, we routinely do comprehensive rate reviews for each property in our network. My PV’s rate system is extremely thorough and designed to achieve the correct price point for every individual week of the year in each distinct market. We can adjust rates across all our properties in seconds based on a higher or lowerdemand. In the industry, this is called “Yield Management”. We have examined area holiday calendars, school calendars for Spring Breaks, first and last day of school, event calendars, international travel research for market... Although you may occasionally feel that the rates seem too low or too high, remember we have analyzed the market demand and dates and have strategically fixed rates to generate the maximum rentals and revenue for the whole calendar year. My PV takes this responsibility seriously, investing a great deal of resources into examining and determining rental rate tables to maximize your rental income. Toward this end, we reserve the right to adjust the rates accordingly, with your previous authorization.

+What determines which properties get rented first? 

Our system is designed to enable a prospective guest to find their property online. We like to say we run a capitalist system of renting. Once a guest finds our site they can run live searches and see what all is available. They can see what properties are nicer than others, which have better views, which has a king bed instead of a queen in the master, etc. Frankly, the nicest properties get rented first knowing that all properties are priced for what they are based on the various factors such as view, location and the above items plus many more. Another aspect of our program is that owners who wish to be more aggressive can purchase more than one internet ad to drive more traffic directly to their property. These ads pay for themselves (when managed correctly like we do) and all yield a return on the investment, just as your property should.

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